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Eurovision Song Contest 2011

I was asked to do a review of the Eurovision Song Contest 2011. So I thought why not. I decided to introduce my favourite 10 of the year. By the way, I left Rockefeller Street out because I have talked about the song about three times at least. 


10. UNITED KINGDOM: Blue - I Can
Tenth place goes to recently reunited successful British boy band Blue and their entry "I Can". 

The song is a decent pop song. It's catchy and the studio version of it sounds good. (Check out the official music video here) But the live performance in Düsseldorf was horrendous. Firstly some members have surprisingly weak voices, secondly they had bad backing singers, they sang more out of tune than the boys. And what I hate about reunited boy bands is that they usually forget they have actually grown older and they're not in their twenties anymore. I know that teen girls are crazy about semi-nude fit guys, but not about semi-nude men, who could easily be their fathers. On stage they had some clothes on, thank god for that, but their music video and on the screens they had on stage. 

9. FINLAND: Paradise Oskar - Da Da Dam
9th place in my top10 is awarded to Finland and their new star Paradise Oskar with his "Da Da Dam" which finished undeservedly low, only 21th place.

Behind Paradise Oskar we find a 20 years old Axel Ehnström, who sings about some young boy Peter, who got brainwashed by his teacher and decided to start fighting about saving our Mother Earth. No-one listened to Peter, but mumbled about other not so important thing - yes, that's the Da Da Dam part. Well, what can I say, the lyrics are silly. Songs about saving the world are always foolish though. Oskar is acting a silly unspoiled kid on stage and I must say he does that well.

Anyway, I've always been a fan of nice melodic guitar ballads and that's why it has instant appeal on me too.


8. HUNGARY: Kati Wolf  - What about my dreams?

Eight place is awarded to Hungary. Hungarians decided to send Kati Wolf with "What About My Dreams?" to Düsseldorf.

It's a catchy and powerful pop song. Unfortunately Kati's vocal abilties are not good enough for a powerful song like this, and therefore the performance was rather weak. That's why I recommend everyone to listen to the studio version (check out the official video here). There's that something in that song which makes you want to listen to it all over again and again.


7. IRELAND: Jedward - Lipstick
Seventh place is taken by Jedward and their entry "Lipstick". 

The Irish twins John and Edward are known from the British talent show, The X Factor. They reached quite far, although their vocal abilities are nearly nonexistent. That's why they need quite a lot help from backing singers. To be honest I didn't really listen what the song is about. The studio version of the song is quite good (watch the official music video here) and surprisingly the live performance was listenable as well.. Why the song is here? Well, it's a catchy song and like it or not, but the twins are very good performers. Their weird dancing, hairstyle and seeing how much they enjoy being on stage - that's what I like about it. 


6. LATVIA: Musiqq - Angel In Disguise
Sixth place goes to Latvia and their entry "Angel in Disguise". Actually the song has been posted here few months ago. I introduced you the popular Latvian group Musiqq and to be honest they are my favourite Latvian group. Yes, I like them more than Brainstorm. The song was my favourite song for some weeks and I listened to it all over again and again. Anyway it was unfortunately very underrated in Düsseldorf. It should have qualified.

5. ITALY: Raphael Gualazzi - Madness of Love
My personal 5th was Italy. Italians came back after many years with a pop jazz something song, sung by Raphael Gualazzi. The song was called Follia d'Amore or in English Madness of Love.

I didn't like the song before the performance in Düsseldorf. It really wasn't even that genre of music I really appreciate. But there was something in that performance... Maybe it caught my eye and stood out, because there's no running and jumping around, no massive beats, breaking glasses, pyro or choreography. There's Raphael who's playing piano and singing... then there's brass instruments and there was that awesome piano part. The song is sung 2/3 in Italian and 1/3 in English... usually I don't like songs in two or three languages, but as I love Italian that much, I even didn't notice that there was English as well.. Surprising, but deserved second place!


4. FRANCE: Amaury Vassili - Sognu
Fourth is France, who was represented by Amaury Vassili. They say it's the world's youngest professional tenor. The song was in Corsican and was called "Sognu". It's a powerful operatic pop song. It was a hot favourite, leading in betting odds and everything, but finished 15th. The studio version of it is amazing and I'm pretty sure that Amaury had no vocal problems as a professional opera singer, but somehow the live performance was boring and weak. Both the backing track and his vocals were weak. Plus Amaury unfortunately doesn't have much performance skills, meaning that it's boring to watch him on stage.. He's just there singing and giving you nothing more than his voice.. Even no facial expressions what so ever. Yeah, it sounds very negative. But that's because it was a very dissapointing performance... I guess the sound techicians should get some bashing as well.. I don't know why, but amazing backing track was weak as well.. You should all check out his official video to compare. It's here. The song is fourth because it's amazing, that's it.

3. GERMANY: Lena - Taken By A Stranger

Third in my personal raking is the German entry "Taken By A Stranger". The song was sung by Lena Meyer-Landrut, who by the way won the contest in 2010. I like this song a lot and I love the performance. Now I should explain why, but the funny or sad thing is that I don't know how. It's really difficult for me to describe why I like it. I guess the song is just quirky enough... it has that dark shade and over all that mysterious feeling.. and the beat it has *insert heart symbol*. I guess the most important is Lena herself. She's such a performer.. On stage she had these girls dancing behind her. Well I can't remember what they did, cause my eyes were only on Lena. And that's exactly how she won the contest in 2010.


2. SWEDEN: Eric Saade - Popular
Second is Sweden. Swedes were represented by their own Justin Bieber... Well, he's name is Eric Saade and Eric sung about how much he believes that one day he will be popular. The song has absolutely ridiculous lyrics. "Don't tell me it's impossible, cause I know it's possible" and "My body wants you girl, my body wants you girl.." are only few examples what can be found there. The song doesn't have much melody as well.. So what I actually do like about the song is that it's so well produced! The song was mostly made for the dance routines and other cool things like breaking some glass on stage. That's why the song had the most amazing beats of the whole contest.. Just listen to the beginning... aah, that's the part I love the most (I mean before he starts singing). Don't think I have anything against Eric. No, I have kinda liked Eric's music for a year already. He's a good performer, though he seem to be quite cocky after getting as popular as he is... Don't know why is he singing about getting popular, he would die because of his large ego.


 1. DENMARK: A Friend In London - New Tomorrow
*Drum roll* And the Oscar goes to... or should we say "Douze pointe" goes to Denmark. Yes, Danes were this time represented by inded pop and rock group A Friend in London with their pop rock song "New Tomorrow", which basically is another "Let's make the world a better place" type of song. The song has been accused for plagiarism and it sound similar to numerous songs. But I don't care.. really, I love it just the way it is.. Catchy tune, lyrics that are easy to sing along.. I guess the fifth position shows that all.. I'm not a fan of their performance, because the studio version sounds so much better. But I think this was the only group on stage who were exactly who they were and did their own thing and I guess that brought them quite a lot of points. I'm not sure that I like that much more than Swedish, German or Italian song... but that's just how I decided today.


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  1. Interesting, from my top 10 we only share three favourites! (four if Estonia counts!)

    Mine is:

    1. Estonia
    2. Slovenia
    3. Serbia
    4. Sweden
    5. Austria
    6. United Kingdom
    7. Belarus
    8. San Marino
    9. Norway
    10. Ireland

    Nice writeup! Although I hated Angel in Disguise, and feel that Brainstorm are far superior! ;)