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Getter Jaani - Rockefeller Street

The Yellow Rubber Boot is finally back. I'm sorry for not posting for quite a long time.

We're starting with a new Estonian album. The most popular artist in Estonian music industry at the moment is  Getter Jaani, who recently represented Estonia at the Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf. But few days before going to Düsseldorf she gave out her debut album. The album was named after her Eurovision entry, Rockefeller Street.

About Getter Jaani
Source: Getter Jaani's Facebook page. 
She's 18 years old (born on February 3, 1993) girl from Tallinn. She came to stardom at the third season of Estonian Idol, where she finished fourth. After that she had the role of Sharpay Evans in Estonian version of "High School Musical" and has taken acting classes at the Kaari Sillamaa School of Fine Arts. She studies at the Tallinn Centre of Vocatuonal Disciplines to become a tailor-stylist.

After the Idol show she started collaborating with Sven Lõhmus, who is one of the most successful Estonian songwriters and producers. In June 2010 she gave out EP album - "Parim Päev". In February 2011 she took part of song contest "Eesti laul 2011" with "Rockefeller Street". She won the contest and was therefore sent to represent Estonia to Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf. She was initally one of the favourites and qualified to the grand final, where she ended up second last -  on 24th position. (Which is still a good position, considering that Estonia has been in the grand final only twice since introducing semi-finals). 

Rockefeller Street (album)
The album was released on May 2nd, 2011. It consists of 12 songs, the first one of these is Rockefeller Street itself. The song has been a big radio hit since winning Eesti laul song contest, leaving the initial favourite of the contest, Ithaka Maria, with almost no radio airplay. As the song was a huge favourite to finish in top 5, Estonians were waiting a sure qualification to the grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest and many believed it will win the whole thing, including well-known musicians. The song itself is a catchy up-tempo pop song which talks about magical show which should take place on Rockefeller Street in New York City. We should mention that there's no such street in NYC. After listening to that once or twice you may later found yourself singing in your head 'One-Two-Seven-Three down the Rockefeller Street...'

Getter's performance in the semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest

2011 Estonian biggest summer hit will come from this album. It's the track number two - "Valged ööd", featuring Koit Toome. Two singers have come out with a good up-tempo song, which talks about warm summer nights, beaches and calls people up to enjoy summer. A real radio and club hit is on it's way.. By the end of August everyone knows the lyrics by heart, I'm pretty sure about that.

There are many other very catchy up-tempo songs like Grammofon, Parim päev, Ebareaalne. While there are also slow songs like Must klaver or ballads Alles alguses and Me kõik jääme vanaks. There's also some eastern spice ("Teater") and electronic music ("Robot"). Every song is individually good and is different from another and that is something that makes an album a good album for me.

Here's a preview of all songs from the album:

Getter's Official Homepage:

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  1. As a massive Eurovision fan, I can say without hesitation Getter was my favourite this year! I can't wait until I get to Estonia so I can pick this album up!